Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ratskeller in Munich: Dec 2010

This very famous restaurant is just beneath the "Rathaus" in Marienplatz. My colleagues brought me for dinner and I found the decor charming, and the food was tasty Bavarian fare. We arrived after the crowd, so it was very pleasant and gave me the opportunity to poke around and snap a few pictures.
The service station is lovely:
Love the bread cutter:
And like everything in Germany it's sparkling clean. I thought this little old stove was precious:
As we made our way to our table I couldn't believe the size of this place.
We sat in the Bruno section, which gave us all a chuckle as that's the name of our regional sales VP. I had the braised beef with spaetzle, which was delicious:
I actually had Spaetzle with every meal while in Germany, as I happen to love it. These dumpling like noodles are made by forcing the dough through a sieve, or using a Spätzlepresse.
Let me do a little digging and I'll come back with a good recipe. If my brother happens to read this post maybe he'll be willing to share his. Enjoy!

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