My Pantry

Here is a list of food items, cooking tools, and utensils that I use, and often refer to in my blog. I will include a link to purchase these items if it's a site that I am familiar with, or have used myself. You can do a Google search on any of these items to find a store near you, or an online source at which to purchase.

Callebaut Belgian Chocolate

Pecorino Romano
Parmesan Reggiano

Nespresso - The Citiz

The Mallet for pounding meats

Pots and Pans:
Aeternum Pressure Cooker
All Clad 9" French Skillet
All Clad Stock Pot
Emile Henry Ceramic Cookware
Lodge Cast Iron Crepe Skillet 

Spices and Seasonings:
Fleur de Sel
Himalayan Salt
Mirin (rice cooking wine)
Ariston Greek Olive Oil (about it and to purchase)
Sea Salt
Tamari (natural soy sauce)
Victoria Gourmet Toasted Sesame Ginger Seasoning