Sunday, January 23, 2011

Coincidental Egg Moment

Yesterday I read a sweet post about Dippy Eggs and Soldiers on the food blog, Kiss My Spatula. The blog is the creation of 'G', who's a clever writer, and an accomplished photographer. The egg preparation she posted was new to me, but as I was soon to learn not for my daughter. This morning I made her two eggs (organic, of course), prepared over easy. She ate the whites, then used the crust of her toast to dip into the yolks.

What a coincidence, her own version of Dippy Eggs and Soldiers. I showed her the post on Kiss my Spatula and she said, "I've heard about those. When I was little I saw a story on PBS Kids about a family who lived on a farm and made them." Which makes sense, since farm fresh eggs are the most delicious you'll ever taste, and best eaten soft-boiled, or over easy. That's why I use organic, or local farm fresh eggs when I can find them. The chickens are raised in a clean and humane environment, fed a healthy and wholesome diet, and allowed to run around and be chickens. 

Growing up we collected the eggs from my great grandmother's chickens, who were certainly free roaming birds, and I remember how delicious they were. Plus, she always gave us a Hershey's chocolate bar (full size) for our effort, so who could say no when she handed you the basket. I'll admit I was a little afraid of those chickens pecking me to death, but happy to report that I came out of the  coop unscathed. So, maybe healthy chickens are happier chickens, and for sure their eggs taste better.

Farmers markets are a great source for finding locally produced eggs, and for my New England followers, I've been eating Pete & Gerry's for years, which can be purchased in the supermarket.

Ally's photo of her breakfast before she dipped.