Friday, December 24, 2010

Cello wrap makes a food gift special...

If you like to give the gift of good, then you may already be familiar with the magical qualities of cello wrap. I buy it by the roll, the really big one, and it makes anything you wrap look lovely. Using a nice ribbon, and greens that you can pick right outside your door, you'll have an impressive presentation in just minutes.

During the holidays I go right outside and cut pine greens, and add a magnolia leaf, or perhaps some berries. The ones in the picture above came from a flower arrangement. These below came from my yard:

Place your platter of cookies, a cake, or whatever you'd like to wrap on large piece of cello:

Then gather up the cello and tie it with a nice ribbon, and add  the greens. Trim the top of the cello to make it even.


It's really that simple. Here's an idea for a nice bottle of wine:


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