Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Christmas Weekend in NY

As we rolled down Route 195 heading straight into a gorgeous, blazing sunset the excitement was mounting in anticipation of seeing the city adorned in its Christmas finery. We planned a day of art exploration, some good food, a stroll down Fifth Avenue and a visit to Rockefeller Center.

The Chelsea art galleries were our first stop. We spent several hours roaming through this five block area and we particularly enjoyed the Jim Hodges exhibit at the Gladstone Galleries. Hurry in, if you can (it runs through the 23rd of December), as it's an impressive body of work. His installations are something to contemplate. I was intrigued with the hole in the floor as part of his mirror ball exhibit and concluded that they must have ripped up the existing concrete floor and poured a new one to accommodate "the hole". I felt like I was enveloped by a starry night sky, and yes thoughts ran through my head about the complexity of the cosmos, quantum mechanics, and the black hole.  It was breathtaking. 

In the afternoon we made our way uptown for a little shopping and dinner at Fishtail by David Burke. This old townhome on 62nd Street has been transformed into a trendy, fashionable seafood spot. The coral walls are a dramatic backdrop for the fun fish art, and the room has a delightful ambiance. I started with a half dozen briny Barnstable oysters, which made me feel right at home, followed by roasted lobster served over a light vegetable lasagna. Two things I've never considered putting together, but they paired well.

Finally, we took a leisurely stroll down Fifth Avenue to see the windows which represent yet another form of artistic creativity. Bergdorf's Carnival of the Animals lives up to the standard they've set for dramatic, whimsical over-the-top displays that are always a visual delight. Ally pointed out that some require that you view them from a distance to appreciate what the designer intended.  Take a look for yourself, and have a very Merry Christmas...

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