Friday, October 1, 2010

A Sunday in Paris

I arrived in Paris this past Sunday morning at about 6:45am. The day was just breaking, and the light was beautiful, as I rode into the city to meet my friend, Laurie, who lives in the 7th arrondissemont, just a few minutes walk from the Eiffel Tower.
You get a peak view of the top of the tower when entering the garden courtyard of her apartment:

We headed out to the Rue Cler for a typical french breakfast, which was just what I needed after the flight. It was early, and the cafe was quiet, so it gave Laurie and I a chance to catch up.

Excellent baguette and jam:

Perfect flaky croissant and pain au chocolat:
 Light and fluffy cheese omelet:
Mandatory cups of espresso, and now ready to set out on our 7.4 km Sunday stroll.

First stop was the Pont Alexandre III bridge:

Grand Palais:
Petit Palais:
Elysee Palace:

La Madeleine:
Self service rent-a-bikes you can pick up at one stop and return to another:
Paris shops:

Adorable Paris children:

Cafe that's all set to receive the Sunday crowd:

Pont des Arts walking bridge, which links the Left bank to the Louvre:

The Seine

Food shops in the Marais:

Musée Carnavalet in the Marais:

Place des Vosges:
A lovely day in a wonderful city!


  1. Vivre Laduree!! Lovely photos!

    --Bud T.

  2. Hi Bud,
    Thanks for the comment. My family is now enjoying the macaroons. :)

  3. I found your blog after reading about David Lebtwitz' granola bars. I'm in love. viva La France. viva Paris.

  4. Hi there, so glad you found me. I adore France, too, but you could probably already tell that :)