Sunday, September 16, 2012

Tangy Pear Lime Green Smoothie

It's day two with the Vitamix and I'm officially in love with this gadget. I've juiced for years, but decided to go the smoothie route and there's no better machine out there than this one. Take a look around their site and you'll see a plethora of food preparations that this nifty piece of equipment can perform. I bought a refurbished 5200 model for $329.00 so be sure to check out their specials. These machines were barely used and then throughly tested before being sold again. It's a great deal! In addition to daily smoothies, I look forward to preparing some fall soups now that the markets are overflowing with hard squashes.

This morning's green smoothie will definitely wake up your tastebuds. It's tangy yet just sweet enough to satisfy even those new to the world of 'green' drinks.

Tangy Pear Lime Green Smoothie
Yields: 1 Quart

3 small pears (quartered and seed core removed)
1 lime (peeled)
1 cup greens ( I used Olivia's Organics Cooking Greens, Baby Saute Blend)
1 small english cucumber or a 1/3 of a big one (ends removed as that's where the bitterness resides)
1/2 banana, peeled
1 cup orange juice or one orange
2 healthy pinches of unsweetened coconut
2 healthy pinches of raw sesame seeds
3 slices of fresh ginger

Place all ingredients in the container. Turn on to variable (this button controls the blending speed) and as soon as the ingredients start to come together switch to high speed and increase the high variable speed dial to 7 or 8. Blend until smooth. 

A delicious glass of green goodness to start your day. Yep, I drank the whole quart.

Note: Feel free to experiment with other fruits. My choices are usually driven by what's ripe and sitting on the counter. I leave the skin on all fruits and veggies, except for the citrus fruits and bananas. You can also add a handful of ice cubes if you like your smoothie really cold.


  1. Laurie, I was so drawn by the beautiful color of your smoothie! I've heard so many wonderful things about the Vitamix that I had to put it on my "I covet" list:)
    In the last year I managed to gain 10lbs without changing anything in my way of life (except for inordinate amounts of stress and the introduction of menopause, of course), and I am looking at various ways to get back to my slender self:)
    The combination of the fruits and veggies in your smoothie really appeals to me (there are some out there that are truly disgusting:)

  2. Thanks, Lana, for the kind words. This one really is tasty. I'll be posting a whole lot more, so stay tuned.