Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The London Tube

I love the Tube. It's efficient, clean and easy to use. On our first day we purchased our Oyster cards and rode into London from Kew Gardens.  If you drive your car into the city you'll be assessed a £100.00 fine, so traveling via the Tube is all the more popular and much more economical. Plus, who wants to deal with the traffic that clogs every major city on our planet. You can sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. Once you have a card you can easily top it off at any tube station or convenience store that sells them.

Last night we took a short trip over to Ealing Common from Kew Gardens for sushi at Kiraku. It's run by a Japanese family who wanted to offer fresh delicious sushi at more reasonable prices than what you find in central London so they settled here. It's easily assessable via the District and Piccadilly lines and it's well worth the trip. They're fish is fresh and they offer a slew of menu choices. They also have  a nice selection of cooked entrees and udon soups.

On our ride back I strolled around the station and noticed some of the little details that make this mode of public transportation so attractive.  These thin wires keep the birds off the ledges thereby cutting down on the amount of bird excrement. Nice touch!

Help is available at the push of a button.

Like driving, people go to the left when climbing or decending the stairs.

Imported from New York City:

The advertisements are helpful and informative:

Safety is always top of mind:


  1. That is a fantastic post!

  2. Linda,
    Thanks, and that's a fantastic subway system :)

  3. Laurie, it looks like you're having a stupendous time over there in London! The public transportation there really is wonderful, however, they also have the highest commuting costs of any other city! Something to keep in mind. Keep having a wonderful time!

  4. Hi Viviane,
    Yes, that is an excellent point. It did seem like I was topping off my oyster card frequently :) Thanks for your thoughts.

    Best, Laurie

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