Monday, April 23, 2012

Tucson, Arizona

We went out to Tucson last week to visit my mother. She lives in the foothills of the Catalina Mountains just north of the city. It's kind of a rugged city with a bohemian feel to it. Tucson's also home to the University of Arizona which adds a vibrancy to city. The university offers an extensive continuing education program which appeals to the retirement community. In fact, it attracts a very interesting cross section of people for just this reason. It makes sense really, who wouldn't enjoy taking classes while living in close proximity to these magnificent surroundings. 

The weather was gorgeous, and the dry heat was a welcome change. We explored a lot of the area in and around Tucson: Tubac, Tombstone, Texas Canyon and Sonoita. On our last night we drove through the Saguaro National Park at sunset. The park is an eight mile drive through the foothills of the Catalinas and it's filled with the native cacti and plants of southern Arizona.

Saguaro Cactus, the largest of all the cacti

I was in awe of the natural beauty against the dramatic backdrop of the mountains. These vast open landscapes are so different from what we're accustomed to here in the northeast. Tucson has a lot to offer as a culturally rich and diverse community with close proximity to so much natural beauty... I really loved it.

Here are links to my albums if you'd like to see more of the places we visited in and around Tucson:

Tucson, San Xavier san del Bac Mission and Tubac
Tucson, Texas Canyon and Tombstone and Sonoita
Saguaro National Park

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