Monday, August 15, 2011

Cape Cod Hydrangea

If Cape Cod was to have a symbolic flower it might very well be the hydrangea. Their beautiful, profuse show of blooms are everywhere during the summer. They thrive in our acidic soil, and I'm convinced that the closer they are to the sweet, salt air from the ocean the better they grow. As you get closer to the beach the blossoms seem to increase in size.

Here's an informative website that answers many frequently asked questions about this woody plant such as:

When should you prune them?
How can I adjust the pH in my soil to change the color of the flowers?
What fertiziler works best?
What's the best way to dry and preserve hydrangeas?

In my Cape Cod yard I have about a dozen bushes. I use Cockadoodle Doo organic fertilizer, which I recommend you spread right before a rainstorm as it's a bit odoriferous, but it works! I also feed my plants iron, and have sporadically added aluminum to enhance the blue color, but often just enjoy whatever colors appear naturally. Hydrangea are very resilient, and can be easily transplanted. Their show lasts for most of the summer and even as the blossoms begin to dry out they still look lovely. That perfect white pitcher in the first picture is available in a slightly different version at the Met Store.


  1. I love hydrangeas! My grandmother had several bushes in her yard while we were growing up, all in different colors. I wish I had a garden to plant a bush or two. Would they like our California climate, I wonder?
    Your hydrangeas are gorgeous:)

  2. Lana,
    Here is a link to a site about growing them in southern CA:

    Maybe you can give it a try?