Monday, March 28, 2011

Cape Cod Gem: Inaho

One of my favorite restaurants here on the upper Cape is Inaho. This Japanese restaurant rivals some of the best on the Pacific coast, and certainly many in New York City. Our NYC family members always request to dine here during their visits, and rave about it every time.

The owners attend to every detail with the utmost care and devotion. The simple Asian inspired decor is comfortable and serene. The fish is the freshest you can find, and our server explained the process they go through to ensure that this consistent high quality is maintained. In twenty years I've never been disappointed.

I started with the Tuna Carparccio which is served with a light soy sauce and lemon dressing. The dressing is so delicious that I keep the plate and dip my hand rolls into it. Our server understood completely.

David enjoyed the hijiki salad with carrots and edamame. It's both delicious and good for you, as it's high in fiber.

Then it was a spicy scallop, and a spicy tuna hand roll for me. The scallops were sweet, and the nori was still crisp. The spicy mayonnaise had just enough bite to it, and the rice was plump and sticky.

David enjoyed the salmon roll, which I didn't try (you'll see why in a second) but he said it was very good.

They make a vegetarian jalapeno roll with sweet potato that my father introduced me to several years ago. The sweet potato is cooked tempura-style, then rolled with the pepper and rice. It's incredible!

We also shared Tails in the Air. Tempura shrimp with avocado. One of my favorites, and a great choice for those who don't care for raw seafood.

We finished with mochi ice cream, which is Japanese glutinous rice that is pounded into a cake, then wrapped around ice cream. The flavors were mango and green tea.

Driving home on historic Rt. 6A we stopped at Barnstable Harbor to enjoy the sunset:

Perfect ending to a perfect meal.

157 Rt. 6A
Yarmouthport, MA
+1 508.362.5522

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