Sunday, April 25, 2010

Springtime in the southeast suburbs of Cleveland

Typically when I tell people that I am going to the Cleveland area they often get a funny look on their face as if to say, "Why would you go there?" Well, the best reason is because my sister lives there, and another good one is because it's just plain beautiful. Lexy lives in Chagrin Falls Township, which is adjacent to Hunting Valley, and next to that is the village of Gates Mills. Not much has changed in all the years that I've been visiting these small quaint villages of rolling hills and horse farms. This week the flowering trees were in bloom, the grass was green, and the weather was perfect. So here is my homage to the southeast suburbs. For the sake of the food blog, I've included a few restaurant recommendations (actually more like quick shout-outs in the slide show). Cleveland is also home to the well known chef, Michael Symon, and food writer, Michael Ruhlman.

The photos were taken by me, Ally and Chloe. A big thanks to Chloe for letting us use her Nikon camera. Chloe has started her own photography business which you can see here. View the online album (w/ larger pictures) here.


  1. Thanks for visiting! We had a great time and love the wonderful post and pictures. Lots of Love, Lexy, Tod & Chloe

  2. Thank Lex,
    It was a wonderful week. Thanks again. xo

  3. Great pics Laurie... thanks for sharing! I'm booked for my trip home in August- can't wait :)

  4. Hi Julie,
    So glad you enjoyed the pics..Hoping a few more can now appreciate the beauty of this very special place. I'm hoping to get out there again in the summer. Might be August for us, too. :)