Sunday, February 21, 2010

Top ten reasons why I cook

Michael Ruhlman, writer, blogger, and accomplished cook asked other food bloggers to post why they cook.  So here are my top ten reasons. I kept changing the order of things, but regardless of where they fall, they all contribute to why I love to cook:

10. Cooking, and a love of food, makes travel so much more interesting.
9.   Homemade food tastes better.
8.   It's part of my heritage.
7.   I enjoy the creative outlet.
6.   Who doesn't like to talk about food?  It's a great ice breaker.
5.   Everyone likes a good cook.
4.   Entertaining family and friends with good food is so rewarding.
3.   A home cooked meal brings us together as a family.
2.   I love to eat.
and the number 1 reason I cook:
1.   Providing healthful, fresh food for family and friends contributes to our physical and emotional well being.